Our company, ITA Kft was founded in 1990. Our basic activity is trading with foodstuff , mainly fresh and canned fruit and vegetable, grown and  produced in Hungary. Our most important markets are the Baltic States and Russia but we also deliver to numerous countries including Belgium, Germany, Great Britain, Ireland and South Africa.


Canned products are distributed under brand names „Koros”, Fresh Point” and „ITA” but we also deliver significant quantities to our partners under their private labels. Our main products are green peas, sweet corn, pickled gherkins and other pickles, fruit conserves. These goods are produced under strict quality control in high-level factories of our partners.


Fresh fruit and vegetable are delivered to both fresh and industrial markets all over Europe. Our basic items are chinese cabbage, white cabbage, sweet cherry, sour cherry, apricot, plums, watermelon and yellow or red pepper. We put an emphasis on a delivery of a properly handled product at an appropriate temperature within the quickest possible time after the harvest.